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DIY String Bags

DIY String Bags

Great for any activity time or the perfect gift for any age! This package includes 8 randomized sticker decals, 6 patches, parchment paper, and the option to add a a mini iron (4in x 2in)

  • Instructions

    1. Put the decals on the bag with the sticky side facing down ( On the bag, and the plastic facing up. For patches put the colorful side up!
    2. Plug in and turn on the iron (It is on when the red light is on) and wait 3 minutes for it to heat up
    3. Heat each patch/decal for 30 seconds- 1 minute putting pressure onto the iron 
    4. Peel the plastic off the decals, if the decal is not sticking to the bag, let it cool off and try again, if it is still not peeling heat again and repeat the process!
    5. Once all the plastic is peeled off of the decals place the parchment paper on top of the patches/decals and go over the patches and decals for about 10 seconds each with pressure!
Iron Color
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