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Summer and Stars Return Policy 

Once an order is placed we do not accept any returns or refunds. This includes any misconception in sizing, material, color, etc that could have occurred while placing the order. If the product arrives in a damaged condition, please email us at to solve the problem!


Summer and Stars Privacy Policy

We know that your private information is important to you and we will protect your information. The email given to subscribe to our mailing list will only be used to receive updates and reminders about this site, Summer and Stars. Your personal information, such as your address and payment information also known as your order information, will be protected. Your information will be stored in records but will not be shared with any other sites or companies. 

Summer and Stars Shipping Policy

All packages are shipped Priority with USPS. All orders will receive a confirmation email, and another email which includes  information about there package, such as the tracking number. This will show where your package is and when you can expect it to arrive at your location. The turn around time after placing your order is between 1-4 days and the shipping can take around 1-3 days. 

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